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In case you missed it yesterday!

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Cutting to the chase I am doing a project for my art class that requires me to do a piece that is 60ftx1ft long.

60 feet is a HUGE size.

Long story short, I need your URLs, and if you reblog/like this post I will write your URL down on my piece.



this is actually the best reason ever

The game is on

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How to Make a Decent Fucking Apology


Step 1 - Analyze the situation:

That means shut your god damned mouth, think about what was said, and identify what you did wrong first. Forget the other person for two freaking seconds and focus on yourself. Your words. Your posture. Your actions. Yes, all of it. It all conveys SOMETHING. If you wouldn’t like someone speaking to/acting that way/using that tone of voice with you, then chances are you shouldn’t fucking use it.

Step 2 - Learn to apologize for your own god damned self:

When you make an apology, don’t be a little manipulative shit and apologize for the other person/people involved in the argument/disruption/what the fuck ever required an apology to begin with. Avoid statements like this:

"I’m sorry you feel that way.”

"I’m sorry I couldn’t make you see my point.”

Apologies that are directed at how the other person acted or spoke deflect you taking responsibilities for your own actions first. Don’t be a turd and use apologies like this:

"I’m sorry I said/did this.”

"I’m sorry I didn’t explain myself clearly.”

Notice how those apologies didn’t make you sound like a manipulative shit head?

Step 3 - BUT…

NO. Avoid saying, “I’m sorry, but…” Are you really sorry if you still have a driving need to convince the other person you’re not a total shit stain? Do you really feel sorry if you need to make an ass of yourself by continually explaining how you are still right and the other person is still wrong? Apologies are meant to show contrition for the fuck-up one caused one their own damn time and dime. Apologies are NOT meant to be used to further your rucking argument/dispute/I think you get the fucking point.

If you still feel a need to readdress the situation and explain yourself again, wait until the topic no longer brings up hurt fucking feelings and then try again. Don’t tack it onto the end of an apology like some passive-aggressive baby trying to excuse their way out of a punishment for breaking the fucking rules.

Step 4(a) - Take your god damned lumps:

You fucked up. Sorry kid! You apologized like a big kid though, so good for you! This doesn’t excuse your behavior though. This just means you gave enough of a fuck about the other person/people involved that you showed a little fucking humility and admitted you were an ass. You managed to show a decent side of yourself by owning up to your mistakes, and taking some god damn responsibility.

That being said, this person/these people may not want to forgive you right away. They may need time to heal. It sucks, but show a little more humility and CHILL THE FUCK OUT! Don’t pester a person for forgiveness. Don’t expect forgiveness. Just be a fucking decent person and give it some god damned time.

Step 4(b) - Requesting an apology after giving one of your own:

Oh yeah. You thought I was just being a bitch and teaching you how to be a little fucking emotional door mat. NOPE! You made a fucking apology that showed you actually had a heart. GOOD FOR YOU! Now you can finally stop focusing on yourself and think about what the other person might have said or done. Think about what they could do or say differently next time to give you a hand instead of giving you a fucking gimp.

Got that list? Good. Don’t play a fucking blame game. Avoid phrases like this:

"It’s you’re fault I got so pissed!"

"If you hadn’t have said/don this, I wouldn’t have said/done that!"

Phrases like this are deflecting again off of you. Funny thing, it’s not fucking selfish to ask for some god damned help. You gave a fuck about them, chances are they’ll give a fuck about you too. Try some phrases like this:

"When you said this, I felt this. Can you please not say it again?”

"I would like an apology for this phrase/action because it made me feel this."

See how those fucking “I” statements don’t make you seem like a petty child hell bent on blaming the fucking world for your problems?

Step 5 - Self Improvement:

Good. The messy shit is out the way. Now try not to fuck it up again. We’re human though, so it happens. Yay for us. When it does, suck it up, apologize, and keep fucking trying. Just because you said “sorry” doesn’t mean the action/phrase/body language is okay to repeat. You work on not fucking doing it again.

And don’t try and turn it around by being a turd stain and focusing on the other person. You fucking focus on keeping yourself from being a little asinine whelp first, and if the other person doesn’t/people don’t work on themselves, you drop their asses like a hot fucking rock until they do figure it out for themselves.

That’s all I have. Don’t be turds. Learn to apologize like a decent human being. Don’t be an ass.

Eloquent, to the point, with virtually no room for misunderstanding. Well said!


My friend’s dog won 3rd place on a Petco Star Wars contest.


My friend’s dog won 3rd place on a Petco Star Wars contest.

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hey what if someone invented a machine that allowed women to transfer their pregnancies to men and then the government passed a law that if a woman didn’t want to have a baby the biological father was required to carry it how fast do you think birth control would stop being an issue




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